garter belt

IPA: gˈɑrtɝbˈɛɫt


  • (US) An item of women's underwear consisting of a belt to which are attached garters for holding up stockings.

Examples of "garter-belt" in Sentences

  • No domestic quarrel is not swiftly won by donning a black lace garter-belt.
  • Other than at the time of the garter-belt toss, hardly anyone gets a long look at your shoes.
  • England, the number six, knickers, or garter-belt and stockings, my erotics flash back to me.
  • She finally decided to wear the black garter-belt and the black opaque stockings for the next couple of days.
  • A waitress wearing a black tube dress and garter-belt wrapped in $20 and $50 bills snaked between us every few seconds.
  • Proving that comfort need not be sacrificed for sexiness, garter-belt long johns are expected to be one of the hotter items this year at an event of cheeky, handmade doodads, trinkets and clothing.

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