garter snake

IPA: gˈɑrtɝsnˈeɪk


  • Any of various species of nonvenomous snakes of the genus Thamnophis, native to America, with longitudinal stripes.

Examples of "garter-snake" in Sentences

  • The garter-snake is very common, and is not only harmless, but useful in that it destroys insects.
  • He don't never go to school hardly 'thout a garter-snake or two or a lizard or a toad-frog somewheres about him.
  • I do not know whether or not it is venomous, and I am of the opinion that, like the garter-snake, it lives largely on insects
  • One very flat skunk up near the golf course, a shredded red squirrel in the bog, and garter-snake stains on the paved shoulder by the cemetery.
  • The little sister had fallen, tripped up by some rough roots, and, expecting the poor startled garter-snake to come and make a meal off her, she was calling loudly for help.
  • She says Emma says she'd as soon have a garter-snake seein 'her home, an' doin 'itself up in rings around her all the while, an' Mrs. Sweet says any one as has ever seen Emma seein '
  • Incidentally, it was a couple of those garter-snake substitutes that the newlywed Zillers purchased to stock their roadside zoo, although the reader doesn't have to be burdened with all these details, now does he?
  • Because they resemble certain harmless garter-snake like species, they were imported into the U.S. and U.K. under the wrong names, and ended up causing medically-significant emergencies when they bit their new owners.
  • Out of their loutish ingenuity came a great number of picturesque names for natural objects, chiefly boldly descriptive compounds: bull-frog, canvas-back, mud-hen, cat-bird, razor-back, garter-snake, ground-hog and so on.
  • When, gasping after the first shock, I pleaded that I'd do anything else, make any other sacrifice for Ellaline's sake, except this _one_, she flashed out (with the odd shrewdness which lurks in her childishness like a bright little garter-snake darting its head from a bed of violets), saying that was always the way with people.

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