gas bomb

IPA: gˈæsbˈɑm


  • a bomb laden with chemical agents that are released when the bomb explodes

Examples of "gas-bomb" in Sentences

  • Report: Woman accused of attempted gas-bomb attack on Internet-using neighbor
  • When the revolution comes, the first things on my list to gas-bomb are flea markets.
  • The Green Hornet's gas-bomb pistol, it turns out, is invented only because the hero can't be trusted with a real gun.
  • Three soldiers brought up the rear, riding, respectively, a mobile vibrator, a mobile heat gun, and a large gas-bomb dispenser.
  • On Thursday 10 / 4 noon a chain gas-bomb attack against the major churches of Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki stunned the authorities.
  • I expect it's because I'm so used to Old Hickory's blowin 'out a fuse that I don't duck quicker when a gas-bomb disposition begins to sputter around.
  • I would then leisurely consume a basket of apples in front of him, before squatting above his head and blasting him at close range with a gorilla gas-bomb.
  • T.e announcement of T. Haviland Hicks, Jr., had practically the same effect on Head Coach Corridan and the cheery Senior's comrades as a German gas-bomb would have on the inmates of an Allied trench.

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