gas bracket

IPA: gˈæsbrˈækɪt


  • (historical) A usually curved pipe projecting from the wall of a room, used for illumination by gas.

Examples of "gas-bracket" in Sentences

  • A long flexible gas-bracket depends from the ceiling above it.
  • He stood under the gas-bracket, and she could see his face distinctly.
  • She was standing beneath the gas-bracket, one hand raised to the handle.
  • He rasped a match over its surface and applied the flame to a small gas-bracket fixed to the wall.
  • Under the gas-bracket by the door hung the first photograph in which he appeared, the cricket team of four years ago.
  • Another many-jointed gas-bracket projects from the middle of the high mantelpiece, its flame turned down towards the stove.
  • Without waiting for a reply he entered the room whence she had emerged and, striking another match, applied it to a gas-bracket.
  • And he remembered with reminiscently aching muscles the comfort of such a "single bed" as is peculiar (one hopes) to top hall backs, and with a qualm what it was to cook a surreptitious meal on a metal heater clamped to the gas-bracket
  • There was bright-patterned muslin round the gas-bracket in the middle of the room, round the mirror over the mantel, stuff with ball-fringe along the mantel and casing in the fireplace, -- I first saw ball-fringe here -- and even the lamp on the little bureau wore a shade like a large muslin hat.
  • He mounted the stairs -- there was not a nail in his boots which did not know each shred of fraying timber in them -- thridded an unerring way through the outspread lumber on the floor to the stand at which he commonly worked, set the gas-bracket blazing there, and began to stack type as if for dear life, but without a copy.

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