gas engine

IPA: gˈæsˈɛndʒʌn


  • An internal combustion engine that runs on a fuel gas (a gaseous fuel) such as natural gas or producer gas; especially, a reciprocating one, typically a large stationary engine in power plant or industrial use.
  • (US, Canada) An internal combustion engine that runs on gasoline; especially, a reciprocating one.

Examples of "gas-engine" in Sentences

  • Both diesels and hybrids cost more than their gas-engine counterparts.
  • Twelve years later, the German engineer Hugo Junkers constructed the first gas-engine airplane designed for war.
  • You plug them into a standard European 220V socket for three hours to charge them, or run them on normal gas-engine mode.
  • Rolls-Royce has long coveted Tognum and plans to inject its small Bergen gas-engine business, with annual sales of £400 million $646.3 million, into Tognum.
  • Edmunds 'calculations focused on the cars' sticker prices -- comparing the amount paid for a hybrid model over a gas-engine version of the same model, if available.
  • The Civic hybrid's price is some $4,000 higher than a gas-engine Civic, meaning it would take nearly 10 years to recoup the premium in gas savings, according to an Edmunds analysis.
  • Further reductions in tailpipe emissions are pointless, modern gas-engine emissions controls are so good that a warm engine emits essentially zero pollution and darn close to zero when cold.
  • Less Economical Higher sticker prices and lower fuel costs make hybrids less economical than their gas-engine counterparts because it takes far longer to earn back the hybrid's price premium through savings at the pump.
  • "The German government wants to be a leading market for electric cars, but we on a policy level don't seem to want to do anything about it," said Daimler Chief Executive Dieter Zetsche in an interview at the Detroit car show in January, a few weeks before sharing the stage with Ms. Merkel at the Stuttgart celebration of Mercedes-Benz founder Carl Benz's 1886 patent filing for the first "vehicle with gas-engine drive."

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