gas gun

IPA: gˈæsgˈʌn


  • a gun that fires gas shells

Examples of "gas-gun" in Sentences

  • I decided to spend some of the money from the that sale on a .308 gas-gun.
  • When Zita and her father arrived at Brent Rock, Locke was still working at his new gas-gun.
  • "I've something here that will stop him, though," added Quentin, as he showed the new gas-gun he had invented and explained its deadly properties.
  • The doctor became abruptly businesslike again, gave Floyd a painless injection with a gas-gun hypodermic, and told him to come back as soon as he was sleepy.
  • Briefly, to the accompaniment of many expressions of astonishment from the insurance detective, Garrick related what had happened, from the raid to the gas-gun.

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