IPA: gˈæsgˈʌzɫɝ


  • Alternative form of gas guzzler [(informal) A vehicle that consumes a large amount of fuel.]

gas guzzler

IPA: gˈæsgʌzɫɝ


  • (informal) A vehicle that consumes a large amount of fuel.

Examples of "gas-guzzler" in Sentences

  • As I righted myself, I whacked my knee into the jagged grille of a 1970s gas-guzzler.
  • This year, there's an even bigger break than in the past for buying a behemoth gas-guzzler.
  • An environmentalist who drives a gas-guzzler because he enjoys the ride and refuses to recycle because it's inconvenient may soon find his love for the environment fading.
  • In his Daily Kos review of my book, Dean Nut proposes a staggeringly original explanation - and as far as I can tell, he's serious: If the oil companies kept their prices at a consistently high level, consumers would lose hope of them ever descending and making their gas-guzzler SUVs affordable again.
  • Something seemed sealed off, I felt, as I fell into the familiar routine of clocking out, gathering my things, navigating my way past the security guards to the open air where I could light up a cigarette and breathe a bit before strolling to unlock my car it's an Audi; I know, I know: gas-guzzler, toxic-fumes-emitter . . . but: at least it's “recycled”.
  • The National Energy Act of 1978, which Carter pushed through Congress with single-minded intensity, tripled federal funding for solar energy research, created loans and tax credits for homeowners to insulate their homes and install renewable-energy heating and cooling systems, set national efficiency standards for electrical appliances, provided $100 million for schools, hospitals, and local governments to install energy-conservation technology, and imposed a gas-guzzler tax on inefficient vehicles to encourage gasoline conservation.

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