gas heater

IPA: gˈæshˈitɝ


  • a heater that burns gas for heat

Examples of "gas-heater" in Sentences

  • "That's a gas-heater -- Mr. Davenport made me a present of it.
  • Nigel found the studio very cold though they had put a match to the gas-heater.
  • Germany, begins the manufacture of a closed globular roaster with a gas-heater attachment.
  • In the eighties this concern began the manufacture of a closed ball, or globular, roaster with gas-heater attachment.
  • He blamed this upon their heater; he knew little about hygiene, but he had studied physics, and he knew that a gas-heater devitalized the air.
  • But he was politely interested in her work for Troy Wilkins, carefully exact in saying, "Good-morning, miss," and he became as familiar to her as the gas-heater in her cubicle.
  • If the tee on the top of the boiler into which the gas-heater connection is made is not the first fitting and placed as close to the outlet as possible, the water will not circulate freely into the boiler.
  • Into this constricted space were huddled two imposing roll-top desks, P. Sybarite's high counter, and the small flat desk of the shipping clerk, with an iron safe, a Remington typewriter, a copy-press, sundry chairs and spittoons, a small gas-heater, and many tottering columns of dusty letter-files.

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