IPA: gˈæʃoʊɫdɝ


  • A large cylindrical tank used for storing gas, especially town gas (1870s-1940s) or natural gas (1950s-present). Types include one with telescopic sections with wet seals in between and one with a nontelescoping tank and a dry seal.

gas holder

IPA: gˈæshˈoʊɫdɝ

Root Word: Gas holder


  • A gas holder or gasholder, also known as a gasometer, is a large container in which natural gas or town gas is stored near atmospheric pressure at ambient temperatures.

Examples of "gasholder" in Sentences

    Examples of "gas-holder" in Sentences

    • There was connected with its gas-holder the usual pressure recorder.
    • His plan was to use an air-tight keir in conjunction with a gas-holder.
    • Building No. 13, and the dry scrubber, gas-holder, and water-cooling apparatus are immediately outside that building (Fig. 2, Plate XIX).
    • After passing the wet scrubber, the gas, under a light pressure, is forced, by the exhauster, through a dry scrubber to a gas-holder with a capacity of about 1,000 cu. ft.
    • I suggested that we should allow this portion to evaporate almost entirely away, and that we should collect the last 10 cubic centimetres by allowing it to boil off into a gas-holder.
    • The ascent was from Newbury, and it can have been no mean feat to fill, under ordinary circumstances, a balloon carrying two passengers and a considerable weight of ballast at the small gas-holder which served the town eighty-five years ago.
    • The "trick" glass-blower I referred to employed a foot bellows in connection with a small weighted gasometer, the Westinghouse Company used their ordinary air-blast, and I have generally used a large gas-holder with which I am provided, which is supplied by a Roots blower worked by an engine.
    • Gas made at high heat will reach the consumer in any weather very nearly as rich as when it leaves the gas-holder; for, thus made, the hydrogen and carbon are chemically combined, instead of the hydrogen merely bearing a quantity of carbon-vapor mechanically mixed and liable to deposit with every reduction of temperature.
    • The air in the whole apparatus is first displaced by a stream of carbon dioxide issuing from a carbon dioxide generator, or gas-holder, and passing through scrubbers, and this stream of gas is maintained throughout the whole of the experiment, the gas being absorbed at the end of the system by strong solution of caustic potash.
    • Though Beaumont had never seen gaslight before, except at the illumination of his father's colliery office after the Peace of Amiens, which was accomplished in a very simple and original manner, without either condenser, purifier, or gas-holder, and though he knew nothing of the art of gas-making, he had the courage to apply for the situation.

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