gas jet

IPA: gˈæsdʒˈɛt


  • gas burner

Examples of "gas-jet" in Sentences

  • It was lit by a single gas-jet, caged in wire gauze.
  • A small gas-jet furnished sufficient light for so rueful a corner.
  • He noticed the feeble flame of the gas-jet in the hall still waiting for extinction in the general collapse of the world.
  • But he sat always in the one place, beyond the reach of daylight, a gas-jet flaring over him, himself part of the mechanism.
  • The girl pulled the door behind her and bolted it, turned out the nickering gas-jet, and went up the narrow stairs to her room.
  • She went along the narrow walk to the rear, avoided the missing step without thinking about it, and entered the kitchen, where a solitary gas-jet flickered.
  • Mr. Blunt did not turn up the small solitary gas-jet, but led the way across the black and white pavement past the end of the staircase, past a door of gleaming dark wood with a heavy bronze handle.
  • The small gas-jet seemed not to have been touched ever since that distant night when Mills and I trod the black-and-white marble hall for the first time on the heels of Captain Blunt — who lived by his sword.
  • The beat recorded the moments of her rest, while I sat, keeping as still as if my life depended upon it with my eyes fixed idly on the arrow of gold gleaming and glittering dimly on the table under the lowered gas-jet.

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