gas lamp

IPA: gˈæsɫˈæmp


  • (US) A lamp which operates by burning gas.


IPA: gˈæsɫˈæmp


  • Alternative form of gas lamp [(US) A lamp which operates by burning gas.]

Examples of "gaslamp" in Sentences

    Examples of "gas-lamp" in Sentences

    • Among its virtues is a feel for the gas-lamp Victorian world.
    • On the shimmering gas-lamp; it turns to tears that fall on her face
    • As we passed a gas-lamp, I saw Lady Fanny laughing as usual, and turning her great arch sparkling black eyes at Lord Tiptoff.
    • Then the door opened wide, and Diego grinned whitely at him in the light from a gas-lamp, gesturing him inside with a flamboyant fling of his arms.
    • “Well, I declare to goodness it does illuminate the old place!” says Gus; but the fact was, that there was a gas-lamp opposite our window, and I believe that was the reason why we could see pretty well.
    • In 1887, he acquired the factory Würth & Co. for chemical-pharmaceutical products in Atzgersdorf and moved the entire chain of production there, creating an affluent gas-lamp industry by improving his patent in the early 1890s.
    • He lay, illuminated by a narrow shaft of pale yellow light flung out by the gas-lamp at the top of the passage steps, in a slowly widening pool of dark blood that contrasted oddly with the carrotty hue of his hair and whiskers.

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