gas line

IPA: gˈæsɫˈaɪn


  • A pipe or hose connecting a gas appliance to the main supply of natural gas for the apartment, office or building.
  • A queue out of a service station where people in automobiles wait their turn to make a purchase of gasoline.
  • A pipeline used to transport natural gas.
  • The tubing that carries gasoline in a vehicle from the gas tank to the engine.

Examples of "gas-line" in Sentences

  • Think along the lines of Wiebo Ludwig, or the recent gas-line bombings.
  • Federal and state regulators began probing the gas-line explosion that sparked a massive fire in a San Francisco suburb.
  • Look, we have the gas-line freedom, the looting freedom, the killing freedom, the rape freedom, the hash-smoking freedom.
  • It's no farther away, and while some gas-line construction is in progress at Jack Darling, this is an excellent substitute.
  • A gas-line explosion sparked a massive fire in the San Francisco suburb of San Bruno, killing at least one person and destroying more than 50 houses.
  • Tuesday's explosion came less than five months after a Sept. 9 deadly gas-line blast in San Bruno, Calif., that killed eight people and destroyed 37 homes.
  • A gas-line explosion sparked a massive fire in this San Francisco suburb Thursday evening and the death toll from the blaze climbed to four on Friday, authorities said.
  • He was strongly opposed to her plans for a TransCanada pipeline -- he did not believe it would ever be built -- and he championed instead an All Alaska gas-line project from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez.
  • An employee of a city-owned utility in Philadelphia was killed in a gas-line explosion in January, and five people were killed in February when a gas-fueled blast destroyed two homes in Allentown, Pa.

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