gas meter

IPA: gˈæsmˈitɝ


  • A meter which measures the amount of gas supplied to a property via a gas main. In rented properties, it may be coin-operated.

Examples of "gas-meter" in Sentences

  • Nor would the gas-meter do, where there was probably no gas.
  • I haven't paid you back for the gas-meter shilling, 'said Hallam.
  • A register of these revolutions is made by machinery similar to a gas-meter.
  • It caused a peculiar clicking sound, as though he had something between a giggle and a gas-meter at work in his neck.
  • He says he'd even be happy if he can parlay his part-time work as a gas-meter reader into a new career as a gas-meter repairman.
  • There are two types of gas-meter in common use, either of which may, without essential alteration, be employed for measuring the volume of acetylene passing through a pipe.
  • Where, however, acetylene or other gas is flowing through pipes or apparatus there is a loss of energy, indicated by a falling off in the pressure due to friction, or to the performance of work, such as actuating a gas-meter.
  • When any part of an acetylene apparatus or a gas-meter freezes, notwithstanding the precautions specified in II., 7, it must be thawed only by pouring hot water into or over it; flames, burning fuel, or red - hot iron bars must not be used.
  • I was a gas-meter man and a collector for a Home for Lost Doggies, and I didn't get a thing to go on, except a servant in the top flat at the Battersea Bridge Road end of the row who said she thought she'd heard a bump on the roof one night.
  • To ascertain the exact cost of the light, as well as of the gas illumination which it replaced, a gas-meter was placed to measure the consumption of the gas through the jets affected; and also the carbons consumed by the electric illumination were noted.

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