gas mileage

IPA: gˈæsmaɪɫʌdʒ


  • the ratio of the number of miles traveled to the number of gallons of gasoline burned

Examples of "gas-mileage" in Sentences

  • But China has signed clean energy agreements and has stricter gas-mileage rules than U.S. ones.
  • What is the 2009 gas-mileage allowance, and where in the federal government is this information kept?
  • And a broad energy bill before the Senate last week called for some increases in gas-mileage requirements.
  • "Ultimately, the program has done what it was designed to do -- sell more cars and get better gas-mileage cars on the road."
  • Ford could continue to produce the second-worst gas-mileage fleet in the country, but plant some tree saplings out back and call it even.
  • The Leaf is the first vehicle to go through a new EPA rating system that tries to give gas-mileage equivalents for cars powered by alternative energy.
  • I would set some Federal emissions limits for NOx, O3, sulfur compounds, etc. in proportion to fuel consumption, but leaving engine size, gas-mileage, etc. to the market.
  • If passed, the legislation would deal a blow to the automobile industry, which hopes to avoid rules of the sort adopted by California, which the state says are tougher than gas-mileage requirements mandated by Congress last year.
  • The one on the left presents vehicle information, such as miles traveled, and allows you to customize some of the gauges so that, for instance, you can finally banish that tachometer you never use in favor of, say, a digital readout on gas-mileage efficiency.
  • The Department of Transportation is supposed to consider gasoline prices when it sets the gas-mileage rules on the theory that higher prices should increase demand for fuel-efficient cars and make it easier for car makers to earn a quick return on new fuel-saving technologies.

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