gas oil

IPA: gˈæsˈɔɪɫ


  • a type of fuel oil obtained from the distillation of petroleum.

Examples of "gasoil" in Sentences

    Examples of "gas-oil" in Sentences

    • This gives a gas-oil ratio of 7500 cubic feet per barrel.
    • Then, if we use the gas-oil ratio of current production, we obtain 410 trillion cubic feet of gas as the future reserve.
    • Then on Sunday, another company official told NPR the gas-oil ratio is 3,000: 1 -- that is, 3,000 cubic feet of gas per barrel of oil.
    • I understand that the explosions which drive the turbine are produced by a saltpeter solution possibly meaning nitrate and gas-oil under a pressure of fifty atmospheres.
    • Additionally, with these oil fields, you also have nine refineries and, as indicated here, you've got three export facilities and two gas-oil platforms that are down in the Gulf.
    • The $4-billion project, known as the Qatif Producing Facilities Development Program (QPFDP), involved construction of two gas-oil separation plants (GOSPs), as well as gas treatment and oil stabilization facilities, for the Qatif and Abu Saafa oilfields (Abu Saafa is half owned by Bahrain).
    • No attempt has been made to do this for the whole world for which gas statistics and reserve estimates are largely lacking; but for the United States the net gas production during 1955 was 10.1 trillion cubic feet and the crude-oil production was 2.42 billion barrels, giving a production gas-oil ratio of 4200 cubic feet per barrel.

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