gas pedal

IPA: gˈæspˈɛdʌɫ


  • (Canada, US, automobiles) Accelerator; foot control for fuel flow.

Examples of "gas-pedal" in Sentences

  • The committee helped lead House investigations into gas-pedal problems on
  • Associated Press A technician in Omaha, Neb., removed gas-pedal assembly from a recalled Toyota vehicle in February 2010.
  • Toyota in particular was hurt by the recall and quality issues it suffered in 2010 that traced to a gas-pedal design that became trapped by floor mats.
  • Last year, after a fatal accident in San Diego, Toyota had a recall that now encompasses six million vehicles in the U.S. because of gas-pedal problems.
  • The House and Senate commerce committees have also scheduled hearings to examine Toyota's recall of about six million U.S. vehicles for gas-pedal and sudden-acceleration problems.
  • The gas-pedal problem didn't even register on the J.D. Power and Associates quality data sets from last year, evidence that the majority of Toyota drivers in America have had no problems.
  • Proposals unveiled in the House and Senate this month would require fundamental changes to the design of cars in the next few years, including modifications to gas-pedal configurations and new requirements for crash-data recorders and back-up brake technology.
  • Some members of Congress, consumer advocates and product-liability lawyers have suggested that engine electronics may have played a role in problems that led Toyota to recall more than eight million vehicles globally for sudden-acceleration and gas-pedal problems.
  • Toyota previously said the head of its North American sales operations, Yoshimi Inaba, would testify in at least one of three U.S. congressional hearings scheduled in coming weeks on the company's recall of more than six million U.S. vehicles for gas-pedal and sudden-acceleration problems.

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