gas plant

IPA: gˈæspɫˈænt


  • A fragrant perennial in the rue family, Dictamnus albus, that gives off so much volatile essential oil that it sometimes can be lit and will burn briefly without harming the plant.

Examples of "gas-plant" in Sentences

  • Improvement Bonds a year to come here and see what he could do to transmogrify our gas-plant. "
  • At the other end the acetylene gas-plant, for providing light during the antarctic night, was provided.
  • Generation volume for the coal plants fell 12%, while the gas-plant generation volume slipped 6.4% from a year earlier.
  • Rio's iron-ore operation in Western Australia escaped significant impact from a gas-plant explosion on Varanus Island that cut one-third of gas supply to the state, but operating costs did increase, Mr. Albanese said.
  • While McCallion stood adamant in her resolve to stop the installation of a gas-plant in Clarkson, Marie Trainer, mayor of Haldimand County, which is home to the Nanticoke generating station, said her community was more than willing to host a gas-plant.
  • In fact, the general notion of interlocking, which has proved so successful in railway signal-cabins and in carburetted water gas-plant for the prevention of accidents duo to carelessness or overnight, might be copied in principle throughout an acetylene installation whenever the automatic system is employed.
  • The consolidated school at Linden, Montgomery County, Indiana, for example, situated in a town of scarcely three hundred inhabitants, is equipped with gas from its own gas-plant; with steam heat; ample toilet accommodations; an assembly room; and halls so broad that the primary children may play some of their games there in bad weather.
  • Whereupon the Hatter invited Alice to stroll through the gas-plant with him, which the little girl did, and declared it later to have been sweeter than a walk through a rose-garden, which causes me to believe that the Mayor's scheme was a pretty wonderful one after all, and quite worthy of a Hatter thrust by the vagaries of politics into the difficult business of gas making.
  • But where current cannot be had from an electricity-supply undertaking, and it is a question, in the event of electric lighting being adopted, of generating current by driving a dynamo, either by means of a gas-engine supplied from public gas-mains, by means of a special boiler installation, or by means of an oil-engine or of a power gas-plant and gas-engine, the claims of acetylene to preference are very strong.
  • But in the cases where there is no public gas-supply, and current must be generated from coal or coke or oil consumed on the spot, the cost of the skilled labour required to look after either a boiler, steam-engine and dynamo, or a power gas-plant and gas-engine or oil - engine and dynamo, will be so heavy that unless the capacity of the installation is very great, acetylene will almost certainly prove a cheaper and more convenient method of obtaining light.

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