gas pressure

IPA: gˈæsprɛʃɝ


  • the pressure exerted by a gas

Examples of "gas-pressure" in Sentences

  • Police, who seized the 10 devices - high-end gas-pressure gauges, essentially, worth about
  • In this manner the gas-pressure becomes reduced until the ballonets are enabled to exercise their intended function.
  • Mercedes G-Class, replacing the standard units with gas-pressure shocks with adjustable valves that go from "extra comfortable" to
  • The custom BRABUS Ride Control Suspension comprises newly developed gas-pressure shocks for front and rear axle that replace the production components.
  • The National Transportation Safety Board wants to talk to the employees about a gas-pressure spike that occurred shortly before the pipeline ruptured Sept. 9 under San
  • As another important criterion for dignified access and egress, two gas-pressure struts positioned next to the door hinges require only very little pressure when opening and closing the doors - even at very low ambient temperatures.
  • Suspension Type: front: struts, double-pivot lower arms, coil springs, twin-tube gas-pressure shock absorbers, Active Roll Stabilization; aluminum suspension system; rear: 4-link Integral Link system, coil springs, twin-tube gas-pressure shock absorbers, Active Roll Stabilization
  • It has been suggested that these networks of blood-vessels are related in some way both to the power of keeping long (forty minutes!) under water without breathing, and also to the freedom of these marine monsters from the deadly effects of rapid passage from great to little gas-pressure.

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