gas pump

IPA: gˈæspˈʌmp


  • (Canada, US) A device at a gas station that dispenses gasoline.

Examples of "gas-pump" in Sentences

  • It's not known if the gas-pump skimming operation involves insiders or not.
  • Nearby St. Johns County in Florida has also been hit by the gas-pump card skimmers.
  • Secret Service has been notified as part of the gas-pump card-skimming investigation.
  • I know it has happened because the stylized battery icon suddenly is replaced by a stylized gas-pump icon.
  • You just plug the charging cable into a port in front of the driver door, much like you would insert a gas-pump nozzle into the fuel-filler.
  • Today's gas-pump blend, ubiquitous and known as E10, pushes power equipment to the limit, said Kris Kiser, the petroleum group's executive vice president.
  • "We're still dealing with chronic issues like high unemployment, high gas-pump prices and longer-term the higher prices that will be passed on to consumers because of rising costs for cotton and other raw materials."

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