gas range

IPA: gˈæsrˈeɪndʒ


  • a range with gas rings and an oven for cooking with gas

Examples of "gas-range" in Sentences

  • She made the best possible dinners for him on their gas-range.
  • Some of the assistants did interesting cooking over the library gas-range, but the Liberry
  • "Kitchens," announced T.A. Buck of the English clothes and the gardenia, "are my specialty," and entered the domain of the gas-range and the sink.
  • They paid the landlady for the use of her gas-range, and would cook a sauce-pan full of some one of these things, and fill up with it three times a day.
  • It had an impassioned green carpet, a bedspring which scarcely sagged at all, a gas-range, and at least a dozen vases with rococo handles and blobs of gilt.
  • It was a full-page picture of a big gas-range, and slowly, as he scanned it for some hidden charm or value, it split in two and fell soggily back to its mates.
  • With awe Milt beheld walls of white tiles, a cork floor, a gas-range large as a hotel-stove, a ceiling-high refrigerator of enamel and nickel, zinc-topped tables, and
  • Hemmed in the corner by this board and by the gas-range, seated at a table covered by the oilcloth that simulates the marble of Italy's most famous quarry, sat, undoubtedly, the Baron Ronault de Palliac.
  • In the kitchen grandmother did all her cooking with a wood fire - using the ashes for the lye barrel - and the feasts that came steaming from her famous oven have never been equalled on any gas-range ever made.
  • Then of course there is the other noises which sounds like gas-range troubles, and which on investigation proves to be speeches, Abe, and while it is probably true that you can't kill ideas by putting the people which owns up to them in jail, Abe, I for one am willing to take

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