gas ring

IPA: gˈæsrˈɪŋ


  • gas burner consisting of a circular metal pipe with several small holes through which gas can escape to be burned

Examples of "gas-ring" in Sentences

  • I mentioned Nurse's gas-ring and a few other things, which he promised to fetch.
  • They possessed no stove, managing their cooking on a single gas-ring in the fireplace.
  • Anna patiently passed him some butter for his burn and lit his cheroot at the gas-ring.
  • She added, however, that in any decently-run household there would be a gas-ring in the patient's bedroom.
  • “Play up, play up,” and after the match the smell of crumpets being toasted over a gas-ring in his study ...
  • Mr. Graves repeated the mistake a few minutes later when they had boiled the kettle and were making toast on the gas-ring.
  • All the guests visited the wards, and then adjourned for tea to the top room where the housekeeper had to perform miracles with the gas-ring.
  • "Soon be warm," he said, and dashed into the kitchen to make the coffee, filling the percolator with hot water for quickness and dumping it on the gas-ring.
  • Luckily we had a gas-ring, as it would have been an impossibility to run up and down the sixty-nine steps to the kitchen every time we wanted more hot water.
  • The set-up was indeed modest enough: a desk of light-coloured wood, of a mass-produced model, a green-painted metal file, a small gas-ring on the right, with a teapot and some cups.

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