gas service

IPA: gˈæssˈɝvʌs


  • a public utility that provides gas

Examples of "gas-service" in Sentences

  • Replacing all gas-service piping and fire suppression systems and
  • HAL) and other gas-service giants are fighting to keep secret the potentially hazardous chemicals they use to split thick layers of rock and release the fuel beneath.
  • Meter costs would push up monthly gas-service rates for residential customers by $2.50 a month, or 3%, in the initial years, but would be followed by reductions after 2017, once capital costs were recovered.
  • The UK government's own research shows that households without Internet access operate at a huge disadvantage, paying more for basic necessities than online counterparts -- everything from premiums on their phone - and gas-service because they can't opt for electronic statements to missing out on jobs and other opportunities.

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