gas station

IPA: gˈæsstˈeɪʃʌn


  • (Canada, US, New Zealand, Philippines) filling station / petrol station; an establishment which sells gasoline (petrol) and often also diesel

Examples of "gas-station" in Sentences

  • I use a $7 gas-station straw special, with the cruddy band and attendant glue picked off.
  • Later that afternoon we stopped at a gas-station convenience store for water and a Hostess apple pie for Kailamai.
  • When I got there, Good Morning America said, We want you on the show tomorrow morning to talk with Joan Lunden about going from gas-station attendant to soap-opera star.
  • The gas-station stop was quick, and only those with a morning urge got off the bus; we were trying to get to Selma and the Brown AME Church as soon as possible before heading out to join march.
  • In Sendai, one of the largest cities affected by the disaster, car owners, gas-station managers and government officials say gasoline supply has moved toward a return to normal in the past two days, though there is a a long way to go.
  • When Eddie's attorney suggested that he had participated in the top-secret U-2 program because the planes occasionally landed at Hickam, Oberg pointed out that would make a gas-station attendant a secret agent if he filled up a CIA agent's car ..
  • The first oil shocks and gas-station lines in peacetime history; the first presidential resignation ever; assassinations and riots; failing schools; failing industries; polarized politics; vulgarized culture; polluted air and water; divisive and inconclusive wars.

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