gas turbine

IPA: gˈæstˈɝbaɪn


  • An internal combustion engine consisting of a compressor, a combustion chamber, and a turbine, where the turbine mechanically powers the compressor.

Examples of "gas-turbine" in Sentences

  • That mostly means natural gas interests and owners of gas-turbine powerplants.
  • Both could provide a boost for GE, which has seen slow sales in its gas-turbine businesses after the recession.
  • GE landed a major gas-turbine contract with Reliance Power as U.S. and Indian officials scramble to salvage a civil nuclear-energy pact.
  • GE was not in the aviation business, but, as the leading producer of electric power equipment, had been doing gas-turbine research since 1903.
  • Making the US more reliant on wind power for electrical generation will be a tremendous boon to NG and gas-turbine power plants because they are the ones that can be ‘spun up’ quickly to meet demand that exceeds wind supply.
  • In addition to aircraft engines, the company makes electric-propulsion systems for the shipping industry, gas-turbine engines and automation and control systems for the energy sector and instrumentation and control systems for the nuclear industry.
  • Mr. Krenicki's comments on natural gas underscore what has been increasing optimism in recent months among GE executives regarding the sector, even though the Fairfield, Conn., conglomerate's gas-turbine business has struggled for some time amid the economic slowdown and weak U.S. sales.

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