Adjective Dictionary: List of All Adjectives in English

Welcome to the adjectives dictionary page where you can find all the describing words in English. Here, you'll discover a rich vocabulary of descriptive words that capture a myriad of sentiments and characteristics.

From words that show how things look, feel, or act, to words that help you express your emotions and feelings, you'll find them all here.


There are approximately 21,000 uncommon and common adjectives in English, used to describe nouns.

Adjectives the Start With

We've organized them into sorted lists of adjectives from a to z, each starting with a specific letter or group of letters.


Adjectives that End With

The following lists offer a glimpse into the vocabulary of adjective words each ending with the letter or sequence of letters.

Whether you're a writer seeking inspiration or a language enthusiast, this page offers an a spectrum of words to describe and enhance your nouns, painting vivid pictures with words that express quality, size, shape, and more.



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