Verb Dictionary: List of All Verbs in English

Welcome to Verb Dictionary where you can find all the action words in English. Here, you'll discover a rich collection of words to articulate various actions, experiences, and sentiments.

It helps people find verbs for talking about things they do, feel, and think. From verbs that denote positive actions like helping and winning, to words that help you convey negative actions, like hurting and struggling, you'll find them all here to breathe life into your sentences.


There are around 11,000 verbs in English language, available for describing actions.

Verbs that Begin With

We've organized them into alphabetically sorted lists of verbs, each starting with a specific letter or group of letters.


Verbs that End With

The following lists offer a glimpse into the vocabulary of verbs that end with the letter or sequence of letters.

With this Verb dictionary, people can find the wealth of verbs to express actions, states of being, and occurrences.



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