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  • the ordinal number of one hundred twenty-five in counting order

Examples of "125th" in Sentences

  • And all of his fellow officers from the 125th were astronauts as well experiencing their own dream realities.
  • "Baltimore Watercolor Society" Exhibit celebrating the 125th year of the society, started as an all-female group in 1885.
  • The ground floors of the new buildings along Broadway, 12th Avenue and 125th Street will provide retail space for local businesses.
  • Durante had traveled downtown to the show from 125th Street in Harlem, where he was the piano player at a saloon in the basement of a burlesque club.
  • By the 1880s "there was a real estate agent who specialized in houses and apartments for Negroes along Second and Third Avenues below East 125th Street, then Manhattan's second biggest Negro neighborhood."
  • Mr. Smith's firm, ESmith Legacy Inc., has proposed building an $81 million hotel and retail project, including a supermarket and YMCA, on an open lot at the southwest corner of 125th Street and Lenox Avenue.
  • Manhattanville, located between the Hudson River and Broadway and between 125th and 135th streets, is the site of a 30-year, $6.3 billion plan by Columbia University to extend its Morningside Heights campus northward to include 17 acres of Manhattanville.
  • There, the budding rapper knew a similarly distracted student named Russell Simmons, who traces his current status of "hip hop impresario" back to the inspiration of seeing Kurtis Blow perform in 1977 at the Charles Gallery, a hotbed for early rap on 125th Street.

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