IPA: θ


  • the ordinal number of one hundred thirty-five in counting order

Examples of "135th" in Sentences

  • Six new dog breeds are being welcomed into The 135th Westminster Dog Show.
  • Astronaut Chris Ferguson was the shuttle commander for this 135th and final shuttle journey.
  • After next week's scheduled final launch of Endeavour, the final and 135th shuttle flight is set to launch in June.
  • The space shuttle Atlantis took off one last time Friday, launching into the sky on NASA's 135th and final space shuttle mission.
  • When blacks began renting in the blocks from West 133rd Street to West 135th Street in the 1910s, a group of white Harlemites proposed building a 24-foot-high fence, saying they wanted to keep out "the dark plague."
  • In July, NASA's 135th space shuttle mission was successfully completed, ending the shuttle program and leaving America, for the first time since 1962, without the capacity to put a man or woman in space -- and reliant instead on private-sector initiatives.

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