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  • Abbreviation of thirteenth. [The ordinal form of the number thirteen.]

Examples of "13th" in Sentences

  • Friday the 13th is my all time favorite horror film of all time.
  • Armstrong finished the stage in 13th place, 21 seconds behind fellow American Peterson.
  • Friday the 13th is a pure slasher flick - it doesn't need messing about with new 'cool' teens, or 'nu metal' sound tracks - quit messing with the classics.
  • The whole story that goes with Friday the 13th is great, probably better than the story behind Halloween, however the acting throughout this series is horrid.
  • Similarly, you ask members of what we call the 13th generation -- born from '61 through' 64 -- whether they are boomers, and they say, "Please, God help me, no."
  • Thanks to this comment, my primary goal for the night of the 13th is acquiring the username monster thereby ensuring that I can be the defendant of that first lawsuit.
  • If, according to some, Friday the 13th is an unlucky day, then shouldn't Friday the 7th (because 7 has been identified by many as a lucky number) be full of fortuity and good things?
  • Can't Post | Private Reply yep-i think because the 13th is columbas day making for a long weekend. gives everyone time to ride here from all over. just looked it up-oct 12 is a fed holiday
  • The original Friday the 13th is my favorite because I think the sound track really sounds creepy and the suspense was gripping because the viewer had no prior knowledge of the main character, Jason.
  • They've said it before, but the producer's reiterated again that this Friday the 13th is a stand alone film, not designed to setup sequels in any fashion, but of course continuable if its successful next February.

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