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  • the decade from 1530 to 1539

Examples of "1530s" in Sentences

  • Although the printing press was introduced in England in 1476, no scriptures were printed there until the 1530s.
  • Completed in the 1530s, it is the last of the large ch teaux to be built in the Loire Valley in Renaissance style.
  • When the religious houses closed in the 1530s, of all the monasteries in England, Cromwell bagged Launde for himself.
  • In the 1530s he adopted the nickname "Il Bronzino", a widespread practice in cultural circles (a poet friend was called "Il Lasca" – the cockroach).
  • All around it in the museum's medieval gallery are other fragments from religious buildings that were destroyed after Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries in the 1530s.
  • Note 27: Printed in Italy in 1528, The Courtier did not appear in a printed English translation until 1560 but was, apparently, widely read at Henry's court by the early 1530s.
  • In the 1530s, her own father, Henry VIII had deprived her of her independent household and imprisoned (sometimes also executed) anyone who publicly supported her succession rights.
  • No one ever mentioned to Swilling, I bet, that the first non-native (illegal immigrant) to enter Arizona in the 1530s was an African Moor scout and slave -- most likely a Muslim -- who led the first Spanish expedition.
  • Note 26: Although printed in 1534, scholars have persuasively argued that the scale of the household described by the French tutor as well as the named personnel were more reflective of the Welsh household than of Mary's later 1530s households.
  • If he survived long enough for the projected Parliamentary session in September 1553 — called for the specific purpose of ratifying the new succession order — then there would be little that Mary could do to forestall her own disinheritance. 34 In the 1530s Mary had publicly resisted her own disinheritance to little avail.

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