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  • Abbreviation of fifteenth. [The ordinal form of the number fifteen.]

Examples of "15th" in Sentences

  • April 15th is an appropriate day to consider the complexity of the tax code.
  • Chocolate was a particularly important trading commodity for Jews in 15th century Spain.
  • December 15th is the deadline for artists wishing to voice their interest in contributing art.
  • This time it's been extremely fluffy cozies and Margaret Frazer's 2 series, both set in 15th century England.
  • October 15th is the official launch date and you can find it here, as well as on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and strangely – Target.
  • The main goal of Blog Action Day, which takes place every October 15th, is to harness the power of blogging for a particular cause.
  • "And it makes things difficult to some extent, but at the same time we have what we call the 15th club in our big with the crowd all there behind us."

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