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  • the ordinal number of one hundred sixty-five in counting order

Examples of "165th" in Sentences

  • C, 165th Inf., Jan. 16, 1918, WJD memo to CO Medical Detachment, March 4, 1918, WJD memo to C. O. Co.
  • Donovan (left) and Father Francis Duffy, the chaplain of the 165th Regiment (originally the 69th), became as close as brothers during World War I.
  • Half of his 165th Regiment was now made up of nearly raw recruits brought in to replace the dead or wounded and their lack of training appalled Donovan.
  • It was redesignated the 165th and became part of the 42nd Division with an up-and-coming regular Army major named Douglas MacArthur as its chief of staff.
  • Enraged that for a second day the Kriemhilde Stellung had not been breached, Summerall on Tuesday evening stormed into the field headquarters for the 83rd Brigade and 165th Regiment and fired Lenihan and Mitchell.
  • Donovan eventually did give up his battalion and was made chief of staff of the 165th, but he considered it a plum assignment because he would be the forward ground commander for the entire regiment in the battle that would soon begin the morning of October 14.
  • As for the regiments, the 69th New York became the 165th Infantry and the 4th Alabama the 167th (at least someone realized that the two outfits needed to be in different brigades), of the new 42nd Division, seeing hard service at St. Mihiel and in the Meuse-Argonne.

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