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  • Abbreviation of sixteenth. [The ordinal form of the number sixteen.]

Examples of "16th" in Sentences

  • They make plans for Tuesday the 16th when the 16th is a Wednesday.
  • She does not, for the most part, try to have her characters talk in 16th-century English.
  • Sarah Schleper of Vail, Colo., was the highest U.S. finisher, in 16th, trailing Riesch by 2.99.
  • She is also a specialist in 16th century Turkish history and food and a re-enactment player for this same period.
  • Regardless, what we'll be getting on June 16th is the next installment in the Ghostbustin 'story, set two years after Ghostbusters 2 and involving you, Walter Peck and ghosts.
  • As some of you know, I have an unhealthy obsession with my ancestor, Sir Nicholas White, who was a senior political figure in 16th-century Ireland until he died in the Tower of London in 1592.
  • And perhaps one can better understand the ongoing, complex relationship between Japan and the West through Silence's examination of the imposition of cultural borders, statecraft, religious persecution, state-sanctioned torture in 16th century Japan, and Pale Flower's post-war stylization of the alienation unique to life on the outskirts of the second city in human history to watch its skies die and its people burn in a nuclear hell on earth.

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