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  • the ordinal number of one hundred seventy in counting order

Examples of "170th" in Sentences

  • He then went to a house on 170th Street, where he tossed a firebomb onto the lawn.
  • Note: In late August, Kathy Morgan passed the final test and became the world's 170th master sommelier.
  • The name of the outpost was included in a news bulletin from June 2011 on the website of the 170th Infantry Brigade.
  • The next day another part of the body was found in an isolated rural area of the Bronx, near 170th Street along the Harlem River.
  • Written to celebrate the 170th anniversary of the company, which today is still a world leader in the manufacture of stained glass.
  • Opening night of the New York Philharmonic's 170th season, telecast nationally on PBS, was enthusiastically discussed at the post-performance gala.
  • On South Carolina's next drive, McKinley broke Sterling Sharpe's South Carolina record with his 170th career reception but immediately coughed up the ball up again.
  • In international news, rebels revealed today that the tyrannical Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, has been located on the corner of 170th and St. Nicholas Avenue in New York City.

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