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  • The decade from 1750 to 1759.

Examples of "1750s" in Sentences

  • If the Washington of the 1750s had wanted honor above all, the Washington of two decades later knew that he must earn it.
  • The boy colonel of the 1750s was a long way from becoming the sage general of the 1770s, because he was too wrapped up in himself to see the world and other people objectively.
  • Washington’s most significant change from the 1750s was his conviction that the American military was subordinate to the civil power, which in return must deal with the army through its commander and not interfere politically.
  • In the 1750s, in the German town of Bethany on the Georgia frontier, the wife of the local school master was publicly censured and her husband dismissed from his position after she “conceived a lust to dance, and actually did dance” to the sounds of a dulcimer.

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