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  • The decade from 1760 to 1769.

Examples of "1760s" in Sentences

  • Roughly 40 percent of the taverns in Boston during the 1760s were owned by women.
  • The origins of the four-day royal meeting, or Ascot Week, evolved later in the mid 1760s.
  • In fact, only three women were prosecuted for prostitution in Philadelphia in the 1760s and 1770s.
  • In the 1760s even the educated and sophisticated occupied a world bristling with ghosts and omens.
  • Its interiors, which have changed little since its completion in the 1760s, are one of the best examples of Robert Adam's work.
  • The peasants-have-no-bread story was in common currency at least since the 1760s as an illustration of the decadence of the aristocracy.
  • If the British had tried this approach in the 1760s instead of imposing new taxes on the colonies, this debate might be happening in Parliament today instead of Congress.
  • But then again, Georgetown is home to the second oldest community of Jews in South Carolina with a presence extending back to at least the 1760s, and Fraser's own mother was born a Cohen with rumors of a Jewish ancestor or owner in her past.
  • See: FLIP-FLOP, SLIPSHOD. bored: Being bored [a term which appeared suddenly, out of nowhere, among the smart set in the 1760s] is the condition — which Guy Debord called the "worst enemy of revolutionary activity" — of being too restless to concentrate, but too apathetic to bust a move.

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