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  • The decade from 1770 to 1779.

Examples of "1770s" in Sentences

  • Swedish copper plates from the 1770s were the largest metal coins ever produced.
  • In fact, only three women were prosecuted for prostitution in Philadelphia in the 1760s and 1770s.
  • He also transferred his personal experience of the 1750s to the Continental Army of the 1770s, with mixed results.
  • In New York in the 1770s, there were enough taverns to allow every resident of the city to drink in a bar at the same time.
  • No longer a distant tyrant but still a hard man, the Washington of the 1770s was more popular with his enlisted men than he had been in his first war.
  • This historical prophecy, written from the perspective of the 1770s, is rendered especially ironic in light of later events during the French Revolution.
  • The boy colonel of the 1750s was a long way from becoming the sage general of the 1770s, because he was too wrapped up in himself to see the world and other people objectively.
  • Until the 1770s, the British deployed their regiments—subdivided into battalions, companies, and platoons—in three elbow-to-elbow ranks, each one behind being stepped slightly to the right of the one ahead.
  • Libertarians’ pretence of being anti-establishment in the same way the democratic republicans were anti-establishment in the 1770s is about as convincing as 20th century Communists’ pretence that, despite controlling the government, civil service, army, secret police, and economy, they were still the revolutionaries fighting Da Man.
  • "shadow," virtue, and social customs like politeness sound "more ridiculous to the ear than the voice of a puppet": "the world of the man of feeling of the 1770s is a world of 'shadowy' forms emptied of content; of hollow, powerless people who have, in essence, sacrificed their souls; a world of coins — the prototype of the gothic world" (Henderson 229-30).

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