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  • The decade from 1790 to 1799.

Examples of "1790s" in Sentences

  • Unlike the 1770s and 80s, the 1790s were a period of consolidation in the British empire.
  • Germany in the late 1790s is rather like Jung and Freud bringing the plague of psychoanalysis into New York
  • The critical consensus in 1790s Britain came to equate spectral appearances with "popular and vulgar taste."
  • After all the exultation at the return of the national government, the 1790s were a dark time for Philadelphia.
  • The visually dramatic effects in 1790s Gothic fiction were appropriated by the critical responses that it provoked.
  • So even the radical poet of the 1790s is read by twentieth-century women as conservative, his sincerity implausible.
  • One of the Berlin salonnières in the 1790s was the Goethe-enthusiast Sara Meyer (1763 – 1828), who married Ferdinand Dietrich von Grotthuß.
  • But there has always been a different tradition in American politics, going back to Thomas Jefferson's battles with Alexander Hamilton in the 1790s, which is deeply suspicious of the power of the big banks.
  • I know that the English killed at least one Scottish relative of mine John Barkley and took away his land in Ireland and imprisoned him for running guns against the British in the Irish rebellion in the 1790s, which is why they were forced to come to America.

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