IPA: θ


  • the ordinal number of one hundred eighty in counting order

Examples of "180th" in Sentences

  • The Redskins selected Moore in the sixth round (180th overall) of the 2008 draft.
  • Jerry Kelly is 187th in driving distance, third-place Micheel is 130th in driving distance and Verplank, tied for fourth, is 180th.
  • If we have teh "best health in the world" then why are we 50th in life expectancy and 180th in infant mortality according to the CIA The World Fact Book?
  • Reinhard Krause/Reuters The three other Indian cities included in the survey were Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata, which ranked 180th, 195th and 203th, respectively.
  • A two-year mission is a universal expectation for every "worthy, able young man," Monson said Saturday (Oct. 2), speaking to more than 20,000 Mormons in the LDS Conference Center and millions more watching the church's 180th General Conference via satellite.
  • To mark the 180th anniversary of the Woolrich brand, Kirkland shot portraits of 18 individuals with the iconic Woolrich parka — one each in color and black and white, in a move Kirkland said was meant to convey the classic history and contemporary relevance of the Woolrich brand — for a book, "Douglas Kirkland: 18 Portraits Celebrating 180 Years of Woolrich."

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