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  • The decade from 1840 to 1849.

Examples of "1840s" in Sentences

  • The 1840s were a pivotal and exciting decade in American history.
  • However, the 1840s is a particularly rich decade for examining antebellum student writing at the
  • You may argue that a way of life which was possible in the 1840s is impossible in the 1940s; that in the near future we shall all of us have to move in a quite contrary direction.
  • ‡ Mexico’s proximity to the United States has led to serious territorial disputes; the immediate cause of the Mexican War of the 1840s was the annexation of Texas by the United States.
  • Opponents of Immigration are “neo-Know Nothings” (Know-Nothings, the political movement of the 1850s whose concerns about the heavy influx of immigrants in the 1840s were alleviated when that flow spontaneously stopped, seem to be regarded by neocons as a diabolical species of Cossack.)
  • The feminised, domesticated definition of Jewishness, which the Anglo-Jewish writer Grace Aguilar was to exploit so successfully during the 1840s, is here presented as a pragmatic and more enduring alternative to the romantic, militant and ultimately tragic political nationalism of Alroy. 15

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