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  • The decade from 1850 to 1859.

Examples of "1850s" in Sentences

  • First ever estimate of cod fishery in 1850s reveals 96% decline on Scotian Shelf
  • Fair complicates our understanding of readers, texts, and the relations between them in 1850s
  • The Duke of Shadows is set in 1850s India, and Written on Your Skin is set in 1880s Hong Kong.
  • The "know nothing" party of the 1850s was a democratic outlet for the immigrant haters and conspiracy theorists of the time.
  • Kit's uncle John Bellew, who came west in an ox-team in the 1850s, is taking his sons north and so Kit quits The Billow to go along.
  • The most dominant American political movement between 1800 and the 1850s was the pro-slavery pro-South wing of the Democratic party.
  • In Meg Rosoff’s fourth novel, a young woman in 1850s rural England runs away from home on horseback the day she's to marry her childhood sweetheart.
  • Largely in response to the great waves of hard-drinking Irish immigrants, the American temperance movement grew exponentially in the 1840s and 1850s.
  • Federalism on this issue, just like federalism over slavery back in the 1850s, is a red herring that I don’t think many serious thinkers on either side support.
  • In my knowledge of American history –and I admit that it is far from complete-the 1850s are the one time before the present when the destiny of the country was apparently being shaped overwhelmingly by evil forces.

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