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  • The decade from 1870 to 1879.

Examples of "1870s" in Sentences

  • The 1870s were the worst of times for blacks in the former Confederate states.
  • To me the Russian thinkers of the 1870s were the most admirable in that sense.
  • The average since the 1870s is about 14 (which is the same as an E/P of seven percent).
  • He was what we might now call a public in-tellectual, though he existed long before the dreaded word “intellectual” gained currency in 1870s Europe.
  • But she was a woman of tremendous confidence, insisted on going to college as almost all of them did, even in the 1870s, which is very early for a farm girl to insist on going to college.
  • There are also interesting pictures by journeymen who made a living taking these sorts of images, and several by the prolific Anonymous taken in the 1870s from the tower of the still-uncompleted Brooklyn Bridge, the highest point in the city before man achieved flight.
  • Fortunata and Jacinta are two women in 1870s Madrid who both love Juanito Santa Cruz, the scion of a dynasty of clothing magnates; Fortunata is working class and bears him a child; Jacinta, his cousin, marries him by a family arrangement which becomes largely a love match.

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