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  • The decade from 1880 to 1889.

Examples of "1880s" in Sentences

  • As a side note, the 1880s were a red-letter decade for New York eating.
  • The 1880s were a period when Germany started on its long road towards the welfare state it is today.
  • On the Richter scale: 3 1/2 HeartsFASHIONTimes Change, Not Our Pants The '80s are back. the 1880s, that is.
  • She wants to help one of the few surviving historical oasis founded by former slaves in the 1880s, which is now up for sale on the Internet.
  • "ANOTHER PART OF THE FOREST," Catholic University theater students perform Lillian Hellman's story of a dysfunctional family in 1880s Alabama.
  • Recently I was explaining to my writers’ group why I enjoy writing historical fiction; my current piece is about gender roles and sexual politics in 1880s England.
  • Well, even if the concept of Jewish nationhood DOES go back no further than the 1880s, that is still an historical depth about 3 times the analogous Palestinian concept, so where does Sands want to go with his thesis?
  • A jewel of the collection is the Swiss-made Sublime Harmonie Plérodiénique from the early 1880s, which is both a bedizened desk -- it's inlaid with brass scrollwork, mother-of-pearl and ivory -- and a cylinder music box with that same extravagant decoration.
  • Although our ahistoricity means not too many people will know it, from about the mid to late 1880s, which is about when football had evolved into football instead of being soccer or rugby, until perhaps the 1930s or so, the Ivy League, and particularly Yale and Harvard, were major football powers.
  • After the initial surge as Victorian and Albert produced their 9 children, the average annual increase since the mid-1880s is 2.6% (one can detect perhaps several phases here - a 4% annual rate from 1885 to 1915, then a drop below 2% to 1956, then a sudden surge back up to 3.5% to 1969, and from then on a fairly steady 1.9%).

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