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  • The decade from 1890 to 1899.

Examples of "1890s" in Sentences

  • After having some success with fiction, Barrie began writing plays in 1890s.
  • BRIAN LAMB: Professor Brands, why did you call the 1890s "The Reckless Decade?"
  • No royalties to pay on the Constance Garnett-translated Tolstoy and Dostoyevesky titles that appeared in 1890s.
  • The McKinley coalition of the 1890s was a response to our capital-ravenous, industrializing economy's need for investment from abroad.
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald called the 1890s the cut-glass decade, because every home that aspired to gentility plopped a cut-glass bowl on its sideboard.
  • The 1890s, that is; the Red Onion of the Oklahoma Territory days was a notorious “disorderly house,” if you will, that was a primary target for the administration of Mayor Charles G.
  • Young Rachel Kalama, growing up in idyllic Honolulu in the 1890s, is part of a big, loving Hawaiian family, and dreams of seeing the far-off lands that her father, a merchant seaman, often visits.
  • While it was desolate and unruly, though, it also had strategic value, and, while it was believed to be thinly settled, it was home to the "Cossa" people, whose leaders by the 1890s were appealing to the Portuguese for an alliance that would strengthen them against Ngungunyana.
  • The “New Woman” of the 1890s was the natural reaction to the 1870s and 1880s, when not only were white-collar jobs increasingly available to them, but universities began to open their classes – or, in the case of Oxford and Cambridge – opened colleges for the education of women.
  • Unobtrusively embedded in Sappho's statement that her love for Atthis "Bore sense and soul and mind at once away" is the Unitrinian philosophy of mind-body-spirit harmonization that Carman evolved in the late 1890s from the French philosopher of acting and dance François Delsarte, who also influenced, among many others, Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Denis.

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