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  • Abbreviation of eighteenth. [The ordinal form of the number eighteen.]

Examples of "18th" in Sentences

  • Governor Daniels wants to see what he calls 18th century government modernized.
  • The final four holes are two par-3s and two par-4s, but the 18th is actually a par-5 for club members.
  • In her latest novel, Diana Gabaldon explores homosexuality in 18th century England (a crime punishable by hanging).
  • Judging by its cover, I figured that MoaMF will be set, say, in 18th century, with elements of either steampunk or fantasy.
  • November 18th is International Science Fiction Reshelving Day, which attempts to fix a perceived injustice in book classification at bookstores.
  • When you take pictures of people at rallies and have C-Span interview silly people in 18th century get-ups it makes them look ridiculous (which individually, they may in fact be).
  • But it was the adoption of Palladio's ideas in 18th century England, about a century after they had gone stale most everywhere else, that sealed the fate of American architecture.

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