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  • the ordinal number of one hundred eighty-five in counting order

Examples of "190th" in Sentences

  • Portugal now occupies 190th ! place among the world nations in fertility.
  • Sierra Leone is a tough country: Life expectancy is a paltry 43 years 190th worst in the world!
  • You made it past 125th Street, and then all the way past 190th and now you're almost out of danger - just one more stop!
  • The ride is about an hour; if you are looking to get there quicker, we recommend taking the A to 190th street and then walking.
  • Obviously this retreat was modeled after sculptor George Gray Barnard's cloisters in New York City's Washington Heights at 190th Street, which were eventually purchased for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and moved.
  • • In a photo spread relating to the Guardian's 190th birthday, a caption to a historical picture of the 1819 Peterloo massacre said that the image showed this large political meeting in support of parliamentary reform being "fired on by troops".

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