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  • The decade beginning in 1950 and ending in 1959.

Examples of "1950s" in Sentences

  • Senator Joseph McCarthy saved our country in the early 1950s from the threat of Soviet style communism.
  • Grove's account of life in Hungary in the 1950s is a vivid picture of a tumultuous period in world history.
  • The aesthetic of the 1950s is also one of restraint as compared with today, with an emphasis on elegance rather than power or sexiness.
  • "There are different life cycles for different kinds of pipes, and this replacement of the couplings from the 1950s is an example of that kind of program," Kane said.
  • Or's subtle unraveling of the scenes behind an arranged Chinatown marriage in the 1950s is a study in generational differences and in the efficiency of clean, solid storytelling.
  • A middle-class middle-England village in the 1950s is the setting for this controlled, insightful first novel, in which husbands commute to work in the city, depressed wives begin the cocktail hour earlier each day and domestic violence occurs in homes with impeccably manicured lawns. ....

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