IPA: ˈæbɪt


  • (nonstandard, proscribed) Alternative form of a bit. [(informal) To a small extent; in a small amount.]

a bit

IPA: ʌbˈɪt


  • (informal) To a small extent; in a small amount.
  • (informal) Slightly; rather.
  • (UK, meiosis) Very.
  • (UK, meiosis) A lot.

Examples of "abit" in Sentences

    Examples of "a-bit" in Sentences

    • A new low-frequency siren ... will shake things up a-bit.
    • "Willie, take the machine and drive about the garden a-bit wherever you like.
    • Every morning for eighty-two years I ha 'looked up at the rocks o' that mountain 'en they h'aint changed a-bit. "
    • In fact, I'm running an Intel CPU for the first time since my Celeron 300A. (dual socket, a-bit board, BX chipset, overclocked to 504 on both) Why?
    • While the word "democratization" may appear a-bit out of place in any discussion of eleventh and twelfth century militarism, yet reason exists for contending that traditional values clustering around notions of secular glory were no longer the monopoly of a restricted military aristocracy.

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