a little

IPA: ʌɫˈɪtʌɫ


  • To a small extent or degree.
  • Slightly.
  • (UK, meiosis) Very.
  • (UK, meiosis) A lot.
  • (UK, meiosis) A lot of.

Examples of "a-little" in Sentences

  • Zoran is nothing but a-little man gone mad with power.
  • The Bombshell stopped by with her a-little to visit for an hour.
  • Drain or put a-little oil on pools or marshes where mosquitos breed.
  • I should have told him at once that I knew a-little better than that. "
  • "I know the orders very well, Mr. Spock," said Kirk a-little too abruptly.
  • It did not occur to him that Lydgate's marriage was not delightful: he believed, as the rest did, that Rosamond was an amiable, docile creature, though he had always thought her rather uninteresting -- a-little too much the pattern-card of the finishing-school; and his mother could not forgive Rosamond because she never seemed to see that Henrietta Noble was in the room.
  • I was free in telling him what I held to be sin, and what I held to be duty; and when we came to Kilmarnock tolbooth, he caused slack my arms a-little, and inquired if I desired my wounds dressed: and at the desire of some friends in the town, he caused bring in straw and some cloaths for my brother John Gemmel [217] and me to lie upon, but would not suffer us to cast off our cloaths.

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