IPA: ʌɫˈɑt


  • (nonstandard, proscribed) Alternative form of a lot


  • (nonstandard, proscribed) Alternative form of a lot (compare to awhile). [(informal) Very much; a great deal; to a large extent.]

a lot

IPA: ʌɫˈɑt


  • (informal) Very much; a great deal; to a large extent.
  • (informal) Often; frequently.

Examples of "alot" in Sentences

    Examples of "a-lot" in Sentences

    • Reading your articles really made my day a-lot refreshing.
    • To all of the Nagative posters, you have a-lot of hatred inside of you.
    • Giving a little money to save a-lot of money is not a sincere gift at all!
    • You blog is just darling you have put a-lot of time in to it and it shows..
    • I don't think the Pres. of the Ames lake Homeowners assoc. has a-lot of strings to pull.
    • I have "High-Speed Xtreme-I" which promises "up to" a-lot, but the metered download rate is much, much lower than advertised, about 1. 5-2Mb / s up and 0. 75Mb / s.
    • This years crop have played more but the down side is they have played a-lot and their best a long time ago. littlerascal wrote: I don't look at these signings as replacing McBean,
    • A few years go DC had a movie about Superman-Jesus (count the number of times Superman Returns implicitly compares Superman to Jesus - it's a-lot) and it underperformed in the box office - their other main iconic character, the one with parent issues and without super powers, is set to preform quite well at the box office.

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